Review of Maybe Day (Singer & Musician Magazine)

Singer & Musician Magazine, August 2005

I never really thought I’d be listening to a simple song about a door. But the very first track on Karen McFeeters’ new CD, Maybe Day, is just that. On the surface, at least. McFeeters’s storytelling lyrics and simple music tell a wonderful story about a door hiding secrets and mysteries, and you just have to wonder if maybe it’s not about something else all together. I enjoy thought-provoking music, and songs that tell beautiful stories. McFeeters accomplishes that nicely. Karen tells a story with each song, bringing to mind folk singers and bards the likes of which we just don’t see anymore. McFeeters’s voice is an entity unto itself. With a wonderful confidence and simplicity, McFeeters sings her beautiful lyrics with a clear, beautiful voice that brings her lyrics to life. And those lyrics aren’t anything to gloss over, either. McFeeters is an accomplished songwriter, and gives community lectures on the craft of songwriting. I particularly liked the title track, as well as “Decide” and “Ellen’s Song.” But my favorite was “Romance Mountain,” which included the best line I’ve heard in ages: “Faith and second chances brought me here.” –AH